Robert Longo's illustrations are, in a word, breathtaking. You know how when you're a kid, you think of artists as having this superhuman ability to perfectly capture reality, and then you grow up and realise that reality is subjective and that you can draw things however you so desire? Well, Robert Longo is eight-year-old-me's superhero artist. He's also twenty-three-year-old-me's superhero artist.

From Perfect Gods (2007) - Untitled (Big Shark)
Charcoal on mounted paper

From Men in the Cities (1979) - Untitled
Charcoal, graphite and ink on paper

From Combines (1982) - Now Everybody (for R. W. Fassbinder) I
Charcoal, graphite, and ink on paper; cast bronze

From Bodyhammers and Death Star (1993) - Bodyhammer: .9mm Colt 45
Charcoal and graphite on paper

From The Freud Cycle (2000) - Untitled (Chair in Sunlight, Sitting Room, 1938)
Charcoal on mounted paper

From Monsters (2000) - Untitled (Backdoor Pipeline, Hawaii, Spring '99)
Charcoal on mounted paper

From The Sickness of Reason (2003) - Untitled (Nagasaki, B)
Charcoal on mounted paper


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