Fanning the Flames
 Left to Right:
A lascivious man; a licentious man; an incestuous man
Feigning disgust though secretly she loves it

Breaking News
 Left to Right:
Just got engaged and waiting for the right moment to brag
It's her birthday. Nobody remembered.
Spilt the birthday girl's dog's ashes and is wondering whether to tell her

Left to Right:
2010 or The Year I Decided to Become a Surfer Dude
Inexplicably and coquettishly flirting with my chair

The Many Faces of Dishevelledness
Borne from muted disgust, a naive contentment and general disapproval

The Tipping Point
Left to Right:
Distressed, she attempts to pick her nose with her shoulder
Seconds away from downing the beetle in his cider
Trying to hold the vom till the camera has moved on
Waiting for a taste


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